Weekly news 10th January 2014

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Happy New Year from the HV Programme team

We are all looking forward to a very busy 2014, the last full year of the Health Visitor Programme. 2013 was a very successful year in the East of England. It was a year of great change, we lost PCTs and SHAs and gained new organisations and colleagues. In amongst all this change the needs of children and families stay the same and I know that everyone involved continued to deliver the best possible services. The number of health visitor students continued to grow, and successfully qualify, and health visitors still found the time to update their skills; attending promotional guide training, leadership, baby friendly and many others. Communities of Practice got underway and we held a huge Building Community Capacity Conference in July at Duxford, and a leadership event in December at Ipswich.

2014 will give us many challenges I am sure, there is much, much more to do and the programme team are looking forward to continuing to work with you all towards a successful outcome in 2015.

Kathy Branson

As some of you may have heard, Kathy Branson
has stepped down from her post as Director of the
Norfolk and Suffolk Workforce Partnership from
1st January. You will know that Kathy has been the
driving force behind the health visitor programme
from the start and, as a health visitor herself has
always continued to fly the flag for health visiting
and the need for excellent services for children
and families. I am delighted therefore that Kathy,
in her new role as Director-Special Projects will
continue as the named Director for the HV
Programme in addition to other high profile
projects now and following her flexi-retirement
at the end of March.

Julia Whiting

Kathy Branson
Kathy Portrait2

Links with the Institute of Health Visiting

The HV Programme Team would like to congratulate two of our colleagues for becoming actively involved with the work of the Institute of Health Visiting.

Elaine McInnes, HV/CPT has been seconded from Cambridgeshire Community Services to the iHV from 6th January as Professional Development Officer.

Jenny Gilmour, HV Locality Lead for Essex has been invited to be part of the Health Visiting Advisory Group

This is great news for the individuals and for health visiting in the East of England – a fantastic opportunity to influence and be at the forefront of health visiting development.

Understanding the role of the peripatetic clinical practice teacher

Elaine McInnes, Roving CPT from CCS had an article published in the Journal of Health Visiting. Click here to read the abstract.

Following the publication of this article in the December issue of The Journal of Health Visiting some concern was raised by DH that the article appeared to suggest that the CPT’s may not all have carried caseloads, which would directly contravene NMC regulations. We clarified that this was not the case, and were assured that all CPT’s in the organisation concerned do carry reduced caseloads or are aligned to corporate caseloads, and work to strict written guidelines based on NMC regulations. You will therefore see a statement from myself and Kathy Branson in the January edition of the JH V to make this clear and apologise for any misunderstanding.

Julia Whiting


Teams are continuing to work hard to finalise recruitment for the January cohorts. This is the first time we have introduced HV training in January in the East of England which has been necessary due to the huge numbers of students. Our target number is 386 students for this academic year with 270 of those starting last September. We’ll provide an update on final numbers at the end of January.

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Spreading the word more widely – sharing practice

Designing a new PCHR for Bedfordshire

In Bedfordshire we wanted to review how the PCHR looks, how it complements our data collection, and what it provides for families by way of health education information. With the discontinuation of the birth to five in print and a large quantity of leaflets currently being provided to families, it seemed a good idea to incorporate local information within the PCHR. At the same time we have introduced the Promotional Guide System for antenatal and postnatal visits and a PCHR which complements many of the topics discussed was felt to be more concise and supportive of the promotional guide process.

What’s included to support the HCP

A Midwife to Health Visitor handover highlighting family needs

A Midwife to Health Visitor handover about infant feeding issues and needs.

Information which identifies the services we provide and sign post to other local services e.g.
o Local breastfeeding support services, our breastfeeding team and Baby Brasseries including a QR code which connects with the SEPT website Baby Friendly page once scanned by mobile phones.
o Feeding cues and responsive feeding information
o Guide to Bottle Feeding
o Safer Sleep for Babies – Lullaby Trust card
o Understanding SmokeFree and referral to stop smoking services
o Children’s Centres and where to find them including tear off slip to share with Children’s Centres
o Urgent care pathways and how to manage minor illness
o Who to access in the health system when children are ill – Choose Well

What we have now.
Certainly it’s a bigger book with more information for parents all in one place. The additions have also provided a way of gaining consent to share information with Children’s Centres, as well as improved data collection opportunities. Easy to highlight health promotion and advice when discussing parenting in the antenatal and postnatal period will make it easier for staff when they introduce the Health Visiting services and what we provide.

For more information please contact:
Jacky Syme
UNICEF Baby Friendly Co-ordinator
Interim Practice Development Lead 0-19 Service

SEPT Complete

Child and Maternal Health Knowledge Update – 10th January 2014

To access this weekly bulletin highlighting the latest news, events, reports, research and other resources relating to children, young people’s and maternal health please use the link below.

Job vacancy with Norfolk County Council: Specialist Advanced Public Health Officer 010 PHHE


Centre for Parent and Child Support Team: Antenatal Postnatal Promotional Guide Annual Conference: Celebrating Success, Sharing Good Practice on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014.

We are really excited to invite you to the first Antenatal Postnatal Promotional Guide Annual Conference: Celebrating Success, Sharing Good Practice on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014. The one-day conference will bring together experienced practitioners, trainers and managers from across England to celebrate the success of the Antenatal Postnatal Promotional Guides and sustaining best practice.

The Centre for Parent and Child Support has trained over 2000 practitioners in the use of the Promotional Guides over the last 2 years. The conference will be a chance for us to thank everyone for their support, involvement and commitment to the Guides and to giving babies and their parents the best possible start in family life.

The day will be an opportunity to catch up on the latest developments, share experience, hear about examples of best practice, and network with colleagues. We are delighted that Professor Jane Barlow is our keynote speaker, a renowned expert in fetal and infant development.

The event is FREE and will be held in London at ORTUS Learning and Events Centre, 82-96 Grove Lane, Camberwell, London, SE5 8SN on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014.

There are limited places, so unfortunately we can only provide spaces on a first come first serve basis so, please click hereto complete the booking forms and return it to Louisa.campbell@slam.nhs.uk by Friday 24th January 2014.

PG Conference Flyer


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