Weekly News 21st February 2014

Recruitment for Anglia Ruskin University March 14 cohort

Just when we thought we had finished…..

As we have confirmed in recent editions organisations in the East of England have done extremely well with HV student recruitment this year filling 387 places. However we have been asked to make one final effort to provide placements and recruit students for a cohort starting on March 17th at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford.

You may see that national adverts have been placed for students and Practice Teachers in order to help support the achievement of the overall national target of 4,200 additional health visitors by the end of March 2015.

Due to our large numbers of students we are only able to support a few extra, but every little helps so thank you so much to those organisations that are participating in this final recruitment that will count towards the overall total.

Recent Publications

The lifetime costs of childhood behavioural problems and the benefits of early intervention

The Centre for Mental Health have issued a useful and accessible review of the economic costs of conduct disorder, compared to anticipated savings from effective parenting programmes, see http://www.centreformentalhealth.org.uk/pdfs/building_a_better_future.pdf

Spreading the word more widely – sharing practice

Multi-Agency Working At Its Best!

I reflected during a recent meeting for Sustain how crucial working in a creative, dynamic, energetic, people serving, family focussed, compassionate, professional, friendly, nurturing, empathetic, reflective, caring, multi-disciplinary team is.

This is after periods of adversity with staffing changes, diminished staffing levels, long term sickness and the leakage of upwardly mobile trailblazers to other teams but the flavour remains the same. As a group of children’s centres with health visitors in-situ we remain a vibrant community and deliver a service with an amazing reputation.

The closeness comes from the cleaners to the Speech and Language Therapists all doing their very best to provide an outstanding service for children and their families.

A student nurse visited this week and found it a ‘very positive week with good communication and collaboration.’

There are obviously times when workload is higher and can be emotionally demanding but there is also opportunity for fun at times and shared celebrations, Christmas this year was a lovely sharing lunch with the whole team contributing amongst others.

For more information please contact:
Claire Jones (clairejones5@nhs.net)
Health visitor





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