Health Visiting Monthly News – 22nd August 2014

Hello All,

Welcome to August’s Health Visiting Monthly News.

Health Visitor’s QualifyingCertificate-512

Biggest Cohort of qualifying Health Visitors across East of England 

WELL DONE to all those who are approaching qualification as one of the 380 Health Visitors who will be successfully trained  and registered with the NMC across EoE from September 2014 and by March 2015.

Not forgetting the amazing job the Practice Teachers and Mentors have done to get such large numbers of students fit for practice and of course our Preceptors who have supported NQHV’s in their first year of practice.

The biggest career development in Health Visiting is currently on course at a very exciting time, working towards the full role out of the Health Visitor Implementation Programme with maximum employment of Health Visitors across the Region.

A huge thank you to the Health Visiting operational managers and team’s for their hard work and energy in recruiting the huge numbers of student health visitors and employing them on qualification.

Strengthening support for and making further links with the Institute of Health Visiting.

Fellows of The Institute of Health Visiting (iHV).

Congratulations to Karen Afford and Elaine MacInnes as they both have been successful in becoming  Fellows of the Institute of Health Visiting in the first selection process (five were appointed nationally).

Plans for the creation of up to 150 Fellows of iHV are in full swing with the aim of every Provider Organisation across England having one in post. They will support and promote the work of the iHV as an ambassador for Health Visiting.

See the iHV website for further details on criteria for applications and details on how to apply. A further cohort is being currently processed and a further intake will be advertised at the beginning of September 2014.

Making the most of the Health Visiting Programme.

The IHV have been commissioned to implement the Making the most of the Health Visiting Programme (MMOHV). Various posts have been appointed to and will be working on delivery of one of three different Project Streams.

The three project streams are:

  • 1 – Providing access to effective post qualification training and support for every Health Visitor
  • 2 – Practice based upon theory and evidence
  • 3 – Supporting Health Visitors and fostering resilence

Jenny Gilmour (Health Visiting Locality Lead Essex) has been successfully appointed to a two day post working as one of four Regional leads for the North, Midlands, London and the South areas supporting the project 1 workstream.

Jayne Hollingsworth will be covering the Midlands area including EoE and will be in evidence at various EoE events and Jenny is covering the London region.

There are two survey monkeys out currently around MMOHV, one for practitioners and one for service leads. The iHV would be grateful if you could complete and return the relevant survey.

iHV provider leads survey –

HV practitioners survey:

The Introduction of the National Induction and Preceptorship Frameworks

Organisational briefing from iHV.

Organisational Briefing for National Induction and Preceptorship Frameworks 12aug14v4

Case Studies:

Our Nursery Nurses working towards a Health Visiting Career.

A number of you will remember that in 2012 we advertised the opportunity to interested nursery nurses to apply to undertake pre-registration nurse training and proceed straight onto health visitor training. 12 of our nursery nurses working within health visiting teams were successful and all are now entering their 3rd year of nurse training and will commence HV training in September 2015. During this next year we will be working closely with these budding health visitors so expect to meet them at local and regional events as they prepare for the next stage in their careers.  The short reflective piece below has been written by Lauren Clifford from NELFT.

My Experience So Far

 In August 2012 I was working as a nursery nurse within a health visiting team and had no idea that my life was about to change dramatically. My journey in becoming a health visitor was about to begin. Within a matter of weeks I was interviewed by Jo Lacey, quickly followed by an interview with the University of Essex in the first week of September. The university offered me a place to start my nursing degree there and then with the course commencing on the 17th September 2012, which only gave me a couple of weeks to prepare myself for going back in to full time education. I can honestly say it was a shock to the system, however it was a challenge I was ready to face. I am now 2 years in to my training and what an eventful 2 years it has been. I have met some amazing people, from health professionals to service users and have made many fond memories. There have been many highs as well as lows, however I am very excited to be entering my final year of my nursing degree and I am particularly excited about starting my health visitors training next September. I expect the next 2 years to be as challenging and exciting as the last 2 and look forward to what the future holds.

 Lauren Clifford
Student Nurse


A Building Community Project One Year On in Anglian Community Enterprise CIC – Lawford, Mistley, Manningtree Mums.

Anglian Community Enterprise CIC Building Community Capacity project was formed to address the needs of a group of mothers in the fairly affluent local area, who had identified themselves through questionnaires, word of mouth and interviews with Health Visitors as feeling isolated in the postnatal period. Forming the group enabled local families to build a sense of their local community, problem solve and access community resources such as the library, educational talks and first aid training. The group has subsequently evolved into a self-sustaining postnatal support group that met regularly and used social media as a means of communication. The group’s Facebook page has a total of 86 members and is used in a variety of ways for information sharing including arranging social events, organising or advertising local fundraising initiatives, advertising child-related job opportunities and buying and selling children’s items. On one occasion the Facebook page was used to cascade the local Maternity Services Consultation document whereby there was enormous potential to reach a large number of local mothers quickly.

This project highlighted with the success of the group how the Health Visitor can work at a local level to act as a conduit for a very capable local community, enabling them to be empowered and address many of their own health needs in different and innovative ways. Previous health visiting time which was spent on mothers who were regularly accessing their local baby clinics for very little other than reassurance has now been utilised by supporting those who require more postnatal support. This approach fully supports Marmots’ view of addressing health inequalities by offering ‘Proportionate Universalism’.

Sonia Mutingwende Health Visitor ACECIC Fryatt Hospital, Harwich.


See link below to Viv Bennetts blog which also has interesting blogs from other PH practitioners:


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