Health Visiting Monthly News – January 2015

Welcome to January’s Health Visiting Monthly News. 

Happy New Year to all our readers. It hardly seems possible that we are into the final 3 months of the Health Visitor Programme.

Such a lot has been achieved since the publication of a Call to Action in 2011. We have seen a signficant growth in Health Visitors working with families. In March 2012 we had 763 whole time equivalent Health Visitors and the latest data shows we have 1,195 whole time equivalent Health Visitors in the East of England with more qualifying and taking up posts each month.

There has been true transformation in the Health Visiting service with all organisations delivering the new service offer which will improve health outcomes for our new generations.

2015 will see yet another change to local authority commissioning in October and we know that our Health Visiting services will embrace these imminent changes.

You are all doing a fantastic job!

Julia, Helen, Rowena, Sue, Jenny and Fiona.

Dates for your Diaires

Celebration Awards Event 6th March 2015

The HV Programme team are hosting an awards event on the evening of the 6th March 2015, to celebrate the successes of the programme over the last 4 years. We have Viv Bennett confirmed to attend and present the awards with other VIP guests invited.

Awards will be presented in several categories for each Workforce Partnership Area. We have received 70 nominations in total and places will be allocated to shortlisted candidates as soon as the final judging is completed.

Dress code – ‘Dress to Impress’

The categories are:

Practice Teacher, Mentor, Preceptor,  BCC Work Place Advisor and Team Award


iHV event – Ramada Sutton Coldfield Hotel 27th January, 2015

This event now has limited places available. Places are also available at the Ascot event on 27th February. All other events are full. Please see the link below for more details regarding the events and booking;

Communities of Practice Events

Please see in the table below the dates for Communities of Practice Events:

Date Area Venue contact
26/1/15 N&S Brome Grange, Eye
18/3/15 C&P Huntingdon Racecourse,,
25/3/15 Essex Marconi Centre, Chelmsford

Can you please cascade out to your teams, so that they can book their diaries in good time.

The Flyer for the COP event now booked at the Marconi centre for Wednesday 25th March 2015 is below

COP flyer 25-3-2015

Children’s Universal Services celebration event on 10.11.14

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust launched a Children’s Universal Services celebration event on 10.11.14. The Head of CUS Kay Gilmour and 150 Health Visiting and School Nursing colleagues celebrated the unique contributions of the Educational Lead Role (Karen Afford), the CPT’s, Antenatal and Postnatal promotional guidance trainers and mentors and Work Place Advisors. Key contributors to the day were inspirational Key Note Speaker Steve Head “Making the 1% difference” and Building Resilient Teams, colleagues from Public Health Dr Louise Smith,  learning about Compassionate Minds from FNP Nurse Donna Stratton, Immunisation updates from RCN Lead Helen Donovan, workshops Communication “Chat Health” by Catherine Clapton and the Future of Health Visiting delivered by Rowena Harvey Locality Health Visitor Lead for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Workforce Partnership. The room was buzzing with vitality and positive energy ready to move forwards with the challenges of 2015.


HCT Pics Jan 15 Article 2 (2)HCT Pic




Useful Information

Early Intervention Foundation is seeking champions

The Weblink below is another way to really spread the good news about HV and School Nursing.

The ASQ-3 factsheet has gone live.

This factsheet explains how the ASQ-3 tool will be used to collect data for a public health outcome measure of child development at age 2.

It’s on the website and can be found at the following link:

Don’t worry, we are not measuring child development until age 25! It’s something to do with the decimal point getting lost in a link.

Blog Viv Bennett – Ages and Stages Questionnaires: 3rd edition (ASQ-3TM) and parents’ contribution to the 2 year health review  

This blog was produced for the children and young people’s week of action in November 2014 and is available at (

Blog Viv  Bennett – Healthy Start Vitamins Can Be Sold Again by NHS Organisation

First Steps Nutrition Trust

First Steps Nutrition Trust is a small independent UK charity providing evidence based information and resources about good nutrition from pre-conception to 5 years. Link to December 2014 newsletter with links to their website below;

Latest Public Health Updates

Child and Maternal Health Updates – January 2014

Child and Maternal Health Knowledge Update – 16 January 2015

We now have 406 Twitter followers – keep spreading the word!

Case Studies

Preceptorship within Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust


NCHC logo




The  preceptorship offer:

Newly qualified health visitors, return to practice staff and health visitors new to the area within Norfolk Community Health and Care (NCH&C) are all supported by a robust Preceptorship programme. The preceptor programme has been running now for over 2 years and has been evaluated and refined over that time.

It is an expectation that all employers will use the preceptorship pack as a framework and structure to support their transition from student to newly qualified Health Visitor for example. The aims of the preceptorship pack include strengthening the retention of staff, improving service effectiveness and further develop the health visitor work force.

Involvement of the iHV:

This year the NCH&C preceptorship programme is being overviewed by the Institute of Health Visiting (iHV), who have also developed an Induction and Preceptorship frameworks on behalf of Health Education England (HEE) as part of the Health visitor Implementation Plan (DH 2011). As a test site for the iHV the newly qualified health visitors that commenced in September 2014 will complete the trust preceptor pack, and be given the resources provided by the iHV. After 6 months they will be asked to complete a ‘Survey Monkey’ to understand the wider views in using the preceptor frame work.

The finer details:

Newly qualified health visitors within NCH&C start in a supernumery capacity and attend an induction session led by the HCP clinical lead and two experienced health visitor. The aim of the induction session is to welcome them to the trust, outline information regarding the building community capacity module and to introduce them to the preceptor pack along with the roles and responsibilities of the preceptor, team leader and themselves.

All newly qualified health visitors are allocated a preceptor within their first week and the preceptors are all experienced practice teachers. Each practice teacher has 5-6 preceptees. They receive 1:1 meetings 4-6 weekly and group facilitated supervision 6-8 weekly. Care and consideration is given to the members within the group supervision and people are not placed with colleagues with whom they work. This allows for a greater freedom of speech during the supervision session. These groups are facilitated by the practice teacher for the first six months prior to them becoming group led.

Additional to this each newly qualified health visitor will have three tripartite meetings with their team leader and practice teacher (one upon appointment, one at around three months and then one at the end of the preceptorship period). At these sessions the preceptor pack is explored as the preceptor pack contains the practice development record and safeguarding supervision contract for example. The preceptor pack has been refined so that is less competency based. The focus is on completing the HCP modules, attending community of practice events, attending safeguarding training, developing thinking around the health visitors with specialist interest roles and applying for a prescription pad for example.

Evaluations and moving forward:

Previously evaluations have shown that staff members were extremely positive saying ‘they felt supported and valued’. They were asked about the usability of the frameworks and explored current mechanisms in place. Further feedback will be used to shape the final versions which will inform an understanding of the different models, it will also help to understand what length of time is optional for Preceptorship.

Hopefully efforts made to develop this preceptorship programme within NCH&C will contribute to their Personal Professional Development and strengthen the health visitor workforce in Norfolk.

For more information please contact

Glenda Booth (Health Visitor and practice teacher)

 Building Community Capacity Suffolk 2014 

Please see the link below to a summary around Building Community Capacity in Suffolk

Jan 15 – SCC BCC 2014 Summary



National Public Health Commissioning Intentions for 15-16 – Publication date – 08 December 2014 – Revised HV Service Specification 15/16




iHV_A5_Comissioning_V3 – new iHV commissioning information card for practitioners.



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