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Welcome to September 2015’s Blog! 


We’d like to give a warm a welcome to all of our new September 2015 student Health Visiting cohort. It’s really exciting, and daunting to enter a new profession and course of academic study at the same time. It will be a busy year for all of you but there are always lots of people to help and support you both in practice and university.  Please make sure you access any support you are offered – our aim is for all students to be successful and join our wonderful health visiting profession in September 2016. By the time you read this most of you will have met Sue Mills as she is meeting with all the students at their universities.


To all of our student health visitors from the September 2014 cohort who have achieved their SCPHN qualification, post graduate diplomas or degrees.  We wish you well with your preceptorship and welcome you to the health visiting profession.

Nursery Nurses to Health Visitor projectFireworks

In the last blog we did a piece on the Nursery Nurses who have come to the end of their adult nursing training and are commencing on the health visiting SCPHN course this month. We would like to congratulate them on their amazing journey and fantastic results.

New HV Team Member – Rachael Moore

We would also like to welcome Rachael Moore who has joined our HV Team as our Programme Support. Rachael is working with us part time as well as finishing her last year of her Open University Degree. Rachael will be a great addition to the team.

HEEoE  Annual Quality and Education Training Awards (QETA) 2015 Congratulations to Kevin O’Regan from CCS Luton:

Who is one of the 3 professionals shortlisted across the East of England for the “Educator of the Year Award.” Overall there were 268 nominations so an absolutely amazing achievement. Kevin will be with the other QETA finalists at Center Parcs Eleveden Forest on the 15th October to give a presentation on their role. The winner will be announced in the afternoon, fingers crossed Kevin.

Kevin has been a health visiting practice teacher for a number of years. He has always shown excellence in the education of health visiting students and carries out his work with a sense of humour and a positive approach. His communication with the health visiting programme team, the University of Bedfordshire and colleagues is second to none and was essential in such a highly monitored health visiting programme. Kevin is a person that countless nurses and health visitors will remember throughout their careers as a model for them around compassion, kindness, valuing, confidence, caring, commitment and courage. Many will model these behaviours as a result of him being their practice teacher, preceptor or colleague. This was demonstrated in the testimonials that were put forward for this nomination. Kevin deserves this award for being the unsung hero for years who has impacted on numerous lives by teaching and nurturing student health visitors to be competent, kind, professional and skillful practitioners making a difference to children and families.

East Coast Community Healthcare (CIC) – Children and Families Services Annual Away Day – Tuesday 22nd September 2015 

Since 2005 we have held an annual Service Away Day which has allowed staff to share best practice and also hear from local and national speakers.  For a number of years my secretary, Jacky and I took on this task but over the last three years it has become custom for one of the managers to plan, develop and run the day.  This year Steph Edrich, Manager of the Childhood Healthy Weight Service and her Admin Support Lucy LeCompte stepped up to the mark.  They planned an excellent day.

The theme for the day was ‘Wellbeing’ both of oneself and also clients.  The event was managed to ensure that we acknowledge the changes that are occurring across this service with the transfer of a number of staff out of the organisation as part of the Norfolk 0 – 19 tender process.

Steph had organised a good mix of ‘fun’ activities as well as ‘expert’ speakers.  The speakers included Eleanor Grant, Clinical Psychologist who started the day with a session entitled ‘Taking Care’.  This session covered issue about self and others and also touched on what ‘happiness’ means.  Eleanor also explored the theme of being ‘connected’ and the importance of that concept for most people.  The idea of needing time to reflect and contemplation were also covered.

Our second speaker Dr Judi Walsh, Senior Lecturer in Psychology UEA, gave a presentation of the possibility of attachment in the antenatal period.  This was a thought provoking session reviewing the meaning of the word ‘attachment’ which refers to a care giving situation and the fact that when a baby is in utero this paradigm does not exist.  Judi had undertaken a review of a of research literaturre and left the audience wanting further information and knowledge.  What most of us took away from the presentation was that what might appear as a concern around maternal ‘bonding’ (for want of a better word in the antenatal period) is not often translated into the postnatal relationship.  However, mothers are very wary about sharing their true feelings for want of being judge.

In the afternoon we had a presentation from Julia Yelloly & Stephen Yeung, Public Health East of England sharing how public health information could be accessed with a specific focus on mental health with some interesting results for the Great Yarmouth area around young people’s incident of self-harm.  Julia and Stephen brought their voting buttons so we could test our knowledge of local and regional outcomes – always a challenge!!

Abi Howes gave a presentation about workplace wellbeing.  Abi delivers this Service in house for ECCH as well as to other employers across the patch.  Abi was able to share useful information and guidance with staff and point staff to an online facility that ECCH have to allow individuals to set health related goals.

Between the formal sessions we had a ‘pub quiz’ which tested our knowledge on such subject as: how many heart does and octopus have? (Answer at end of article).  In keeping with the mindfulness topics we also had the chance to do some colouring.

The afternoon was concluded with tea and cake and a presentation to those staff leaving the organisation.  Paul Steward, Chair and Simon Bragg, Director of Finance spoke of the excellent reputation of Children and Families Services within ECCH and the fact that ECCH would be sad to lose such dedicated staff.  All staff leaving the organisation were presented with a small gift.

Pamela Agapiou, Director of Health Improvement and Children’s Services presented Steph and Lucy with a bouget of flowers each in recognition of their hard work in pulling together such a great event.  The afternoon was rounded off with a group karaoke session with songs celebrating the teams achievements and the importance of relationships.

Integrated 2-2.5 year Review

Thank you to those of you that came back to Sue Mills regarding your progress with the integrated 2- 2.5 year review. She will be over the coming months sharing your practice, progress and solutions within the blog. Rachael Moore, our new programme support, will be in touch with you for your contributions.

Practitioner Registration Scheme Open Day Monday 19th October

Victoria House, Capital Park, Fulbourn, Cambs

9:30am – 13:00

Dear Practitioner

There is a huge demand for practitioner registration in the East of England and limited places on our scheme. We would like all of our prospective practitioners to be fully informed of the commitment and process involved in registration so they can make an informed decision as to whether to apply, and we can direct our resources accordingly.

This half- day open day is for practitioners and employers/ managers to learn about the scheme, the commitment required and types of evidence that practitioners can begin to collate prior to beginning the process.

For practitioners who may not be accepted onto the scheme at this time, the day will be an opportunity for them to begin the portfolio development process, identifying any areas for development which can then be built into their appraisals and PDP’s.

A full agenda will be provided prior to the day, in the meantime please email if you would like to reserve a place.


Alix Sheppard

UKPHR Practitioners registration scheme coordinator (East of England)

NMC logoRevalidation

To keep up-to-date on revalidation, please ensure you are registered online with the NMC. The website contains information on: 

  • What revalidation is and when it will begin.
  • Why we are introducing revalidation
  • Stay up to date on revalidation
  • Provisional revalidation requirements
  • How nurses and midwives can prepare for revalidation
  • Who will confirm a nurse or midwife?
  • Revalidation for employers
  • Revalidation guidance and resources
For more information on the above, please click on the following link:

Sign up to newsletters and take part in Twitter chats:

ihv logo


The East of England iHV Fellows are next due to meet on 9th October in Hatfield.

The East of England Community Nurse Research Network Meeting was held at the Health Building, Anglia Ruskin University on 25th September, please contact Chris Gordon at if you want to know more.

Useful Information – updates and publications:


 The national childhood flu immunisation programme 2015/16  updated August 2015 

Updated guidance on the flu vaccination and vaccination programme. The document includes information on:

  • what flu is
  • the flu vaccine
  • dosage
  • administering the vaccine
  • advice on vaccinating children with an egg allergy
  • further resources

Public Health Profiles: Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Profiling Tool


Children, Families and Maternity e-bulletin August 2015 link:

Health visitor and 0 to 5 commissioning transfer updated September 15:

Future in mind link: 


NCB logoNational Children’s Bureau News Poor Beginnings research:

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