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Welcome to December 2015’s blog!

Christmas Message from Julia 


The HV Programme Team would like to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Early in 2016 Sue, Rachael and myself will be moving on to do other things and we plan to publish the final ‘monthly news’ in January.

As a finale it would be lovely to include some quotes from our readers about what the HV Programme has meant to you – perhaps personally and also the families you work with. If you’d like to include a photo that would be even better.

Please send your quotes to Rachael at

Community Nursery Nurse’s to Health Visitors – Health Education East of England (HEEOE)

Health Education East of England 2012-2016 Community Nursery Nurse to Health Visitor Pathway Students

Nursery nurses

How it all started

The focus on health visiting through ‘A Call to Action’ in 2011 highlighted the lack of career pathway for Community Nursery Nurses.  There was also an emerging impact on the Health Visiting teams through increasing Health Visitor posts at the expense of other skill mix team members.

Following discussion, a proposal was put forward by Julia Whiting (Programme Lead for Health Visiting), for a four-year salary supported pathway. This would be for up to 18 Nursery Nurses, working within Health Visiting teams across the East of England to undertake pre-registration adult nurse training followed immediately by Health Visiting training.

Twelve candidates from across most organisations in HEEOE, were successfully recruited according to employer and University criteria.  They commenced in September 2012 at the following HEI’s – Anglia Ruskin University, University of East Anglia, University Campus Suffolk, University of Essex and the University of Bedfordshire.

September 2015 Results

Eleven students have now successfully completed their pre-registration nurse training. The results are exceptional with 6 students having attained 1st class honours.

All eleven students have commenced their health visiting courses in September 2015 for completion in September 2016.

Final Thoughts

This programme has highlighted the value of the ‘grow your own’ approach and the importance of ensuring all team members are given every opportunity to develop through widening participation in line with the Shape of Caring review.

The model of salary replacement was expensive at 80% of mid Band 4 for the pre-registration phase, but balanced against zero programme attrition and the high academic achievement of students it could prove to be cost-effective in the longer term.

In areas that are traditionally challenged in recruitment and retention of health visitors this model could be considered advantageous. Further development through use of the foundation degree leading to an accredited pre-registration pathway prior to health visiting training can be further explored.

2 – 2.5 Year Integrated Review 

Below is a flowchart which was kindly sent to us from colleagues at CPFT. This demonstrates the process followed in Peterborough when conducting the 2 Year Old Integrated Review. This has been a pilot scheme and may be subject to change in the new year. If you would like to send any information on how your organisation undertakes these checks, then please send to Rachael at for the final blog in January.

Process Flowchart

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Useful Information – updates and publications 

NMC logo

FGM reporting duty in England and Wales

The Government’s reporting duty for female genital mutilation (FGM) comes into force on 31 October. It applies to nurses and midwives, along with all other regulated health and social care professionals in England and Wales.

Nurses and midwives will need to report all cases of FGM in girls aged under 18, whether it is disclosed to them by the victim or they notice physical signs. If the FGM reporting duty applies to your staff, please make them aware of its requirements.

The Code states that nurses and midwives must take all reasonable steps to protect people who are vulnerable or at risk from harm, neglect or abuse. They must also know and keep to the relevant laws and policies about protecting and caring for vulnerable people.

Find out more about the FGM reporting duty.

Department-of-Health-logo-e1425035470849FGM: mandatory reporting in healthcare

From 31 October, healthcare professionals must alert the police if they treat a girl under 18 who has had female genital mutilation (FGM).

To coincide with the duty coming into effect, the Department of Health has introduced a range of resources to help ensure that healthcare staff are equipped and confident to deal with cases of FGM.

NHS Improving QualityImproving Access to Perinatal Mental Health Services in England – A Review 

NHS Improving Quality was commissioned by the NHS England Medical Directorate to undertake a
three-month scoping exercise to identify current guidance and practice relating to Perinatal Mental Health services.
This report aims to:
• Provide an overview of Perinatal Mental Health care and support for people with, or at risk of Perinatal Mental Health problems.
• Highlight gaps and opportunities for improvement.
• Provide examples of where interventions have been implemented
• Share feedback from women on their lived experience of Perinatal Mental Health and the care available to them.
• Provide some examples of where the charities and volunteers provide services to support women and their families.

PHE logoDepartment-of-Health-logo-e1425035470849

Supporting the Health and Wellbeing of Military Families 

Health professionals such as health visitors, midwives and school nursing teams working with stakeholders, including social care, early years and education providers, have a crucial role in identifying children of military families. They can work with parents to improve health outcomes, particularly in terms of emotional health and wellbeing.



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